Why should we use PrimePRO’s CRM and payroll software?

Working as partners with our agencies allows us to continue to discover the needs and headaches that recruitment agencies experience throughout the recruitment process. Allowing us to optimise your staffing agency from beginning to end. Our recruitment software helps automate the key processes that soak up recruiters time. Reducing the manual input of data and […]

What is the best recruitment agency software?

Finding the best recruitment agency software is more important than ever. As the recruitment market grows and technology improves, finding the best software is key to ensure that your staffing agency stays relevant and has the competitive edge in the modern market. This is why PrimePRO was born. To give any size temporary recruitment agency […]

What If we have unique needs?

We work closely with our customers across the UK to deliver the best recruitment agency software for their unique needs. We have worked with customers of all sizes to have bespoke work done specifically for their needs. Giving them the best recruitment CRM to streamline their business and making more successful recruiters. We continually keep […]

What Support Will We Receive?

Being a SaaS provider, we deliver recruitment agencies with the best support possible. Speak to a member of our UK based team there and then about your issue, by calling or emailing in. We help with your consultant’s issues as and when they have them, so they can continue recruit more candidates and fill more […]

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