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Revolutionise Your Invoicing Process with PrimePRO's Advanced Recruitment Agency Software

Streamline your invoice generation process with PrimePRO’s cutting-edge recruitment agency software. Experience the power of automated invoicing as our software effortlessly generates customised invoices, complete with a detailed breakdown of each timesheet, based on the approved hours for the week.

With our innovative recruitment CRM, you have the freedom to invoice clients according to their specific requirements, be it by client, business unit, or even by individual worker. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness firsthand the remarkable time-saving capabilities of our modern temporary recruitment software – book a demo today! Discover how PrimePRO can revolutionize your invoicing workflow and enhance your overall efficiency.

Industry Leading Support

From our recruitment CRM to our payroll, work with the best UK support team to help your recruiters every step of the way. Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0333 101 4455.

Effortless Invoicing and Customisation with PrimePRO's Advanced Features

Save time and expedite payment by effortlessly sending client invoices, complete with the signed timesheet image wrapped within the PDF, in bulk via email.

Take control of your branding by easily attaching your own logos and conveniently editing the footer whenever you desire.

Invoice Feature - PrimePRO
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Simplify Invoicing and Payroll Management with PrimePRO's Contractor-Friendly Solutions

Streamline your contractor invoicing process with self-bill invoices, saving your contractors valuable time while relieving you from the need to chase them.

Additionally, effortlessly download umbrella payroll data in CSV/Excel format, enabling you to seamlessly submit it to your preferred umbrella provider. Simplify your operations and enhance efficiency with PrimePRO’s intuitive features.

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