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Maximise Efficiency with PrimePRO's Cutting-Edge Online Timesheets for Temp Recruitment Agencies

Discover PrimePRO’s cutting-edge recruitment timesheet software for temp agencies. Streamline your administrative tasks with our innovative system that pre-loads timesheets with accurate hours and automatically applies the correct rates for each day.

Eliminate risk of human error with PrimePRO’s automation, ensuring precise timesheet creation and rate calculation. Maximise efficiency and save valuable consultant hours with PrimePRO’s seamless automated timesheet process.

Industry Leading Support

From our recruitment CRM to our payroll, work with the best UK support team to help your recruiters every step of the way. Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0333 101 4455.

Streamline Your Workflow and Save Valuable Time with PrimePRO's Automated Online Timesheets!

Experience better efficiency with PrimePRO’s automated online recruitment timesheet software, which can typically save 1-2 days per week of your precious time. Say goodbye to human errors and welcome a seamless process by utilising our online timesheets for recruitment agencies’ approval systems.

Your clients can conveniently log on to our user-friendly timesheet portal to effortlessly edit and approve timesheets, further enhancing the time-saving benefits. With this streamlined approach, errors are significantly reduced, allowing for faster invoice processing and prompt payment. Revolutionise your workflow today with PrimePRO’s cutting-edge online timesheets for temporary recruitment agency software.

Timesheets Feature - PrimePRO
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Streamline Recruitment Workflow with PrimePRO's CRM: Timesheet Generation, Timesheet Approval, Reporting

Optimise your recruitment agency’s workflow with PrimePRO’s comprehensive CRM. Our platform streamlines timesheets, and facilitates client online approval. With reporting features, you’ll have valuable insights for efficient payroll and invoice production. Elevate your agency’s productivity with PrimePRO’s all-in-one solution.

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