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PrimePRO is UK’s only temp agency software provider that combines a dedicated recruitment CRM with an HMRC-recognised PAYE payroll system, enhanced with AI-powered automation. Experience the next-generation of temp recruitment software for candidate registrations, compliance, bookings, timesheets, AWR, holiday pay, invoicing, reporting and payroll.

We have supported recruitment professionals in the education, driving, industrial, construction, hospitality, healthcare and agriculture sectors since 2017.

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Temp Recruitment Agency Software

Everything you need in one place!

PrimePRO is an all-in-one temporary recruitment agency software designed to help automate the entire recruitment process – from registering candidates to running payroll. We have worked closely with recruitment professionals to deliver the best temporary recruitment software in the UK.


PrimePRO gives you everything you need, in one place. Automate all elements of your temp recruitment. This includes candidate registration, referencing, compliance management, client management, availability, bookings, timesheets, AWR, invoicing, holiday pay, and even running payroll. By automating the full temporary recruitment process with PrimePRO, consultants have more time to source candidates, improve relations with clients and fill bookings!


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Recruitment Agency Software

Why Agencies Choose Us

Friendly UK-Based Support
Fast, frendly support from our fantastic UK-based team. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.
Automate your candidate registration, compliance, timesheets, pay/charge rates, AWR, holiday pay, invoicing and more…
CRM and Payroll
Our all-in-one CRM & payroll software ensures a smooth temp recruitment process from start to finish.
Intuitive Software
Enjoy a modern, easy to use recruitment platform that is cloud-based and accessible from any device.
Temp Agency Software

Features of PrimePRO


Booking Management
Enjoy a fast temp booking process with client booking templates, configurable candidate searches, mass SMS and email communication, and a colour-coded weekly booking planner.


Candidate Compliance
PrimePRO offers fully configurable compliances, audit logs, automated expiry notifications, full TrustID integration and candidate profile/vetting document automation.


Online Timesheets
Reduce timesheet admin with automated timesheet generation, automated hourly and daily rates, a modern client timesheet portal, and a built-in time and attendance system.


Candidate and Client Portals
Candidate mobile portal for full candidate registration, compliance management, editing availability calendar, viewing timesheets, viewing bookings and downloading payslips.

Client portal to edit and approve timesheets and download invoices.


Branded Invoicing
Automated weekly invoice generation with a full timesheet breakdown. Flexible client settings to invoice by client, business unit or worker, and bulk send invoices to clients via email.


HMRC-Recognised Payroll Software
Run a large weekly temp payroll in a few clicks with PrimePAY. Enjoy the ease of a modern, cloud-based payroll system. PrimePAY supports payroll for both internal staff and temporary workers.

Time and Attendance Software

Our built in time and attendance software helps temp agencies keep track of candidate hours. 

Our time and attendance system ensures a simple process for candidates to clock in and out of shifts. Candidates can simply scan the onsite QR code to clock in via the portal, then scan the QR code again at the end of the shift to clock-out. PrimePRO will automatically update the hours on the timesheet, ready for agency or client approval. Consultants can easily keep track of who’s clocked in and out of shifts with our RAG traffic light system in PrimePRO. 


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Industry Leading Support

From our recruitment CRM to our payroll, work with the best UK support team to help your recruiters every step of the way. Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0333 101 4455.

Full TrustID integration

What is TrustID?

TrustID are a leading certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) that allows businesses to complete Right to Work checks remotely. PrimePRO’s partnership with TrustID combines industry leading expertise in Right to Work Services with our intuitive temp agency software. 

How does it work?

Candidates registering through PrimePRO can seamlessly complete their TrustID digital right to work check online from their phone. Once submitted, your compliance team can view the Right to Work status of each candidate and download their detailed TrustID report through PrimePRO. Ensure your agency is conducting thorough Right to Work checks and are protected from hiring illegal workers with PrimePROxTrustID.  

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What is Recruitment Agency Software?

Recruitment agency software, is an essential tool that agencies use to help manage recruitment process. This includes features to help with candidate registrations, compliance management, CRM, booking management, online timesheets, pay and bill.
What makes PrimePRO the best recruitment software for UK temp agencies? Click the button below to find out more…
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Working as partners with our agencies allows us to continue to discover the needs and headaches that recruitment agencies experience throughout the recruitment process. Allowing us to optimise your staffing agency from beginning to end. Our recruitment software helps automate the key processes that soak up recruiters time. Reducing the manual input of data and reducing the risk of human error. For example, our online candidate registration process allows your consultants to register more candidates by pushing the on-boarding process out to the candidate. We continue to add functionality to our recruitment CRM and payroll software all year round. Therefore, future-proofing your staffing agency with modern tech that continues to deliver on fixing the headaches your consultants experience. Happy consultants = productive consultants.
Finding the best recruitment agency software is more important than ever. As the recruitment market grows and technology improves, finding the best software is key to ensure that your staffing agency stays relevant and has the competitive edge in the modern market. This is why PrimePRO was born. To give any size temporary recruitment agency the best, most recent software that helps increase efficiency and facilitate growth.
We work closely with our customers across the UK to deliver the best recruitment agency software for their unique needs. We have worked with customers of all sizes to have bespoke work done specifically for their needs. Giving them the best recruitment CRM to streamline their business and making more successful recruiters. We continually keep in contact with our existing customers to ensure our development continues to improve their recruiter’s workflow.
Being a SaaS provider, we deliver recruitment agencies with the best support possible. Speak to a member of our UK based team there and then about your query, by calling or emailing in. We help with your consultant’s issues as and when they have them, so they can continue recruit more candidates and fill more placements. We have great relationships with the agencies using PrimePRO as we work together to make recruitment easier for everyone.
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