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Powerful driving recruitment software to help labour providers fill multi-shift volume bookings fast!

PrimePRO, the leading force in driving recruitment solutions, presents its cutting-edge software designed to revolutionise temporary staffing. With our powerful driving recruitment software, labour providers can effortlessly fill high-volume multi-shift bookings at an unprecedented speed.

Our mission is to modernise temporary recruitment, agency by agency, by offering intuitive and lightning-fast software that evolves with the times. Experience the future of recruitment automation with PrimePRO and streamline your core processes like never before.

Driving Sector

How we can Help

Powerful driving recruitment software to help labour providers fill multi-shift volume bookings fast!
Booking templates

Booking templates for repeat use saving consultant input time. Perfect for day and night shifts.

Automated SMS messaging

Bulk SMS text job invites and replies auto updates their availability with booking confirmations being sent to the selected staff.

Weekly plan

The weekly plan gives consultants a visual representation where they are with their bookings with fast and easy re-book process.


Only compliant drivers with the right qualifications that are in date such as drivers CPC, C&E license and digi-card are recommended. Also those that have the best client feedback rise to the top, whilst removing unsuitable staff who have been blocked.

Availability searches and Google maps©

Our availability searches and Google maps© integration helps you choose the most appropriate staff.

Compliance reporting

Keep on top of upcoming expiry dates and compliance documents that are outstanding, with our compliance reporting.


PrimePRO can handle complex overtime rates to automate timesheet processing cutting down admin time each week prior to payroll.


Coupled with the online timesheet portal clients can adjust and approval timesheets saving more time.

Perfectly placed for your driving agency.

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