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Streamline Recruitment Processes with Modern Portals: Timesheet Approval, Candidate Registration, and GDPR Compliance Made Easy

In today’s fast-paced world of recruitment, the use of portals has become indispensable for modern agencies seeking efficient timesheet approval, candidate online registration, and compliance with GDPR regulations. While candidate online registration has been in existence for some time, integrating it into your recruitment CRM software can yield substantial time savings for your recruiters.

Enhance your website by incorporating a candidate login page, empowering candidates with the ability to access vital information conveniently. Through this dedicated portal, candidates can effortlessly complete the application form, update compliance documents, manage their availability, review timesheet history, access booking details, and stay informed about the legal notices they have previously accepted. Embrace the power of portals to streamline your recruitment processes and provide candidates with an enhanced user experience.

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Simplify Candidate On-boarding Process with PrimePRO: Efficient, GDPR-compliant Registration

Experience the simplicity of on-boarding candidates with PrimePRO. Through a convenient email link, candidates can swiftly register online, creating their unique username and password. But before proceeding, they are prompted to accept your agency’s GDPR policy, ensuring both time efficiency and compliance.

Streamline the process further with a customisable application form that encompasses tailored questions and compliance requirements specific to your agency’s needs. The registration page is fully optimised for mobile devices, offering candidates the flexibility to complete the process on their smartphones or tablets. For temp agencies handling large volumes of registrations each week, PrimePRO is the ultimate time-saving solution integrated within your temp agency software.

PrimePRO Demo Mockup
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Streamline Timesheet Approval Process: Embrace Automation for Efficient Payroll and Billing

Discover the true power of online timesheets and unlock the automation you’ve been seeking. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork as clients can effortlessly log in, edit, and approve their timesheets for the week, embracing a paperless approach.

This not only gives your agency a streamlined, professional workflow but also positions you as a relevant player in the modern recruitment market. Once approved, your timesheets are ready for seamless payroll and billing operations. Experience remarkable time savings as hours of administrative work are eliminated each week. By offering a simpler and more accurate way to do business, you’ll surpass your competitors and deliver a superior experience for your clients, reducing errors in payroll and invoicing. Embrace the efficiency of online timesheet approval and elevate your agency’s performance to new heights.

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