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Powerful Temporary Recruitment Software to Streamline Agency Bookings

Our Temp Agency Booking Software removes the headaches involved in trying to fill bookings. We equip your business with everything you need to fill bookings more efficiently. Empower your consultants to achieve more through effective booking management, which gives them the ability to fill more bookings and invest more time in growing your business. PrimePRO, will instantly recommend candidates for your desired booking. We ensure that these candidates are compliant, have the correct skills, live close to the job location, and display their availability.

Additionally, managing bookings is a breeze with our Recruitment CRM. You can instantly replace a candidate for a shift or cancel it, with automated SMS text messages promptly notifying the affected individuals of any cancellations. 

See how we can help you fill more bookings

Increase Scalability - Reduce Costs
With our modern booking platform, each consultant can manage higher volumes of candidate bookings. We will help remove the cost of hiring additional consultants to manage your agency’s growth. Allowing you to invest in key areas of your agency and continue scaling up your business.
Automate invitations
Say goodbye to spending hours typing emaills and texts to candidates about available shifts. PrimePRO can lift that burden for good, giving you the reasurance that every candidate you select will be given all the information they require.
Automate Confirmations
Send client booking confirmation emails with candidate profiles/vetting documents, CVs and client terms automatically attached. Keep your temps fully informed by sending bulk booking confirmation texts and emails in a single click.
Weekly Booking Planner
PrimePRO’s intuitive UI makes managing bookings easy through displaying all bookings on an interactive, colour-coded weekly planner. From the planner, in a few simple clicks, cancel candidates or book-back entire shifts.

Industry Leading Support

From our recruitment CRM to our payroll, work with the best UK support team to help your recruiters every step of the way. Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0333 101 4455.

Seamless Communication and Automated Confirmations for Effortless Bookings

With our Temp Agency Booking Software, you can automate messaging effortlessly. Send job invitations to multiple candidates via text message in just one click, while their replies automatically update their availability in real-time on the system.

This streamlines the process of handling large numbers of bookings, allowing you to swiftly choose and confirm the most suitable candidates.

Additionally, our software automates booking confirmation emails to clients, conveniently attaching candidate profiles, CVs, and client terms. Stay connected with your temps by promptly informing them about their assigned shifts and timings. Easily send booking confirmation texts and emails to candidates in a single click, ensuring effective communication.

Booking Feature Mockup
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Efficient Booking Management and Visualisation with PrimePRO Software

Visualise and Streamline Bookings with Colour-Coded Weekly Plans – Our PrimePRO software presents all your bookings on a user-friendly, colour-coded weekly plan. This intuitive display allows you to instantly assess your progress and stay organised with your bookings.

Effortlessly Book-Back Shifts and Candidates – With PrimePRO, agencies gain the power to swiftly book back entire shifts or individual candidates. Simply click a few buttons, and you can efficiently secure the necessary resources for your clients’ needs.

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