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Boost Your Recruitment Payroll Efficiency with PrimePAY's HMRC Recognised Cloud Software

Discover PrimePAY, the leading cloud-based recruitment payroll software that guarantees accuracy and speed for your internal staff and external workers. With our advanced technology, you can effortlessly manage both weekly and monthly payroll cycles, ensuring seamless processing every time.

Experience the convenience of a complete ‘cloud-based’ end-to-end solution by integrating PrimePAY with PrimePRO, all provided by a single trusted provider. Alternatively, our software can seamlessly link with third-party CRM systems, allowing for standalone operation. Trust PrimePAY to streamline your payroll processes and elevate your recruitment operations to new heights.

Industry Leading Support

From our recruitment CRM to our payroll, work with the best UK support team to help your recruiters every step of the way. Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0333 101 4455.

Efficient Payroll Processing: Seamless Integration, Error Prevention, and Trial Runs with PrimePRO

Streamline Payroll Processing with PrimePRO’s Integrated Timesheets and Error Prevention Efficiency meets accuracy with PrimePRO’s seamless integration of timesheets and worker records, eliminating the need for double data entry and reducing errors. Importing timesheets and worker records from PrimePRO effortlessly slashes processing time, allowing you to calculate payroll in a single operation.

Worried about accuracy? Conduct multiple trial runs to ensure absolute precision before finalizing and pushing the payroll to ‘live’ status. Simplify your payroll management and enhance operational efficiency with PrimePRO’s advanced features.

Payroll Feature - PrimePRO
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Enhance Payroll Management with Agency-Specific Features

Compliant Holiday Pay, Flexible Pension Auto-Enrolment and Time-Saving Email Notifications. Unlock the power of agency-specific features offered by our cutting-edge payroll management system. Ensure compliance with Working Time Regulations by effortlessly calculating and managing holiday pay for your workforce.

Enjoy the flexibility of pension auto-enrolment with convenient postponement options, tailored to suit your specific requirements. Say goodbye to manual notice submissions as our automated email notification system saves you valuable time. . Experience the future of payroll management with PrimePAY.

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