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PrimePRO is the Pefect Recruitment CRM Software for Your Temp Agency

PrimePRO is an intuitive, cloud-based recruitment CRM system specifically designed for temp agencies. With PrimePRO, you gain access to a multitude of time-saving features that streamline key processes, freeing up valuable time for your consultants. Our comprehensive automation capabilities cover the entire recruitment journey, from seamless onboarding to efficient payroll management.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

PrimePRO empowers your agency by automating repetitive tasks and simplifying complex processes. By leveraging our intuitive system, you can bid farewell to manual data entry, tedious paperwork, and time-consuming administrative tasks. Our goal is to give your consultants the freedom to focus on what they do best—connecting with talent and delivering exceptional results.

Everything You Need From a Recruitment CRM

Enjoy time-saving features and unlock your consultants

Say goodbye to inconvenient workflows and unlock your consultant’ time with intuitive recruitment software.

Full end-to-end solution

PrimePRO combines our powerful CRM platform and our full HMRC-recognised, payroll solution to deliver the true one-stop-shop to temporary recruitment agencies.

HMRC recognised payroll software

Enjoy the ease of PrimePAY, our HMRC-recognised, payroll solution and complete your entire payroll in a few simple steps.

Friendly UK-Based Support

Experience exceptional support from our UK-based experts. Our friendly team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Industry Leading Support

From our recruitment CRM to our payroll, work with the best UK support team to help your recruiters every step of the way. Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0333 101 4455.
PrimePRO Demo Mockup

The Temporary Recruitment CRM Platform For your Agency

End-to-End Automation

With PrimePRO, you unlock end-to-end automation throughout the recruitment process. From candidate onboarding to payroll management, our system seamlessly integrates and streamlines every step. Experience the power of automation as PrimePRO effortlessly handles candidate onboarding, availablity, bookings, timesheets and more. By automating these critical functions, you’ll witness a significant boost in productivity and a reduction in human errors.

Embrace the Future of Recruitment

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and disjointed systems. PrimePRO provides a central hub for your recruitment activities, ensuring seamless collaboration and real-time access to crucial information. Our cloud-based solution guarantees secure data storage, easy scalability, and effortless remote access, enabling your team to work from anywhere at any time.

Transform Your Temp Agency Today

Revolutionize your recruitment operations with PrimePRO. Our intuitive, cloud-based CRM system equips your agency with the tools needed to thrive in a competitive market. Experience the time-saving benefits, improved efficiency, and streamlined processes that PrimePRO brings to your fingertips. Take the leap towards a brighter future for your temp agency and unlock the full potential of PrimePRO today.

PrimePRO Features

The Ultimate One Stop Shop For Your Recruitment Agency


Seamless Temporary Booking Management
Our temp agency software removes the headaches involved in trying to fill bookings. We equip your business with everything you need to fill bookings more efficiently.


Powerful Compliance Suite to Manage Your Temporary Workforce
Managing a compliant workforce is made easy with PrimePRO’s recruitment CRM. Equip your compliance team with an industry leading compliance system. Bringing automated notifications, full TrustID integration and candidate profile/vetting document automation.


Enhanced Online Timesheet Management
Automate your timesheet processing with PrimePRO’s recruitment agency software. Allow clients to access, edit and approve timesheets with ease. Further streamline timesheet management with PrimePRO’s Time and Attendance system.


Mobile-friendly Portals for Candidates and Clients
Enhance the client experience with PrimePRO’s timesheet/invoice portal whilst streamlining the full candidate onboarding process through PrimePRO’s mobile portal.


Automate invoice generation
Boost efficiency through automating branded invoice generation. Simplify your invoice process and free up your accounts team today.


Intuitive HMRC Recognised Payroll Software
Effortlessly pay your temps in a few simple clicks with PrimePAY. Enjoy the ease of modern, cloud-based payroll software. PrimePAY supports different payrolls for both internal staff and temporary workers.

Explore Support and Demo Videos for PrimePRO

Welcome to PrimePRO, the intuitive cloud-based recruitment CRM system designed exclusively for temp agencies. To help you make the most of our powerful solution, we provide a wide range of support and demo videos that guide you through the features and functionalities of PrimePRO.

Curious to see PrimePRO in action before diving in? Our demo videos offer an immersive experience, showcasing the seamless automation, user-friendly interface, and time-saving capabilities of our recruitment CRM system. Watch our demos to gain a deeper understanding of how PrimePRO simplifies candidate tracking, enhances collaboration, and streamlines key recruitment workflows. Experience firsthand how PrimePRO can revolutionise your temp agency’s operations.

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