TrustID Integration

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Utilising the Latest Technology to Automate Right to Work Checks

Our full TrustID integration combines industry leading expertise in Right to Work Services with PrimePRO’s state of the art CRM system.

TrustID is a Certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) that uses a unique combination of Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT), backed up by a team of UK-based human document and compliance experts – bringing more accurate Right to Work validation to your agency.

Benefits of TrustID

Save Admin Time Checking Compliance

TrustID’s IDSP is revolutionising compliance management for recuitment agencies in 2023 with huge time-saving automation.

Verify Identity Using a Smart Phone

Combining PrimePRO’s intuitive mobile online registration with TrustID’s IDSP allows candidates to fully register and verify their Right to Work documents from their phone.

Access TrustID Anywhere, Anytime

Not in the office? Enjoy the ease of modern software, access PrimePRO and TrustID from anywhere, anytime on any device. 

Protect your organisation from fraudulent documents

Protect your agency through utilising TrustID’s direct interface with the Home Office share code platform.

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Industry Leading Experts in Right to Work Services

How does TrustID ensure all your candidates are fully compliant? TrustID has a direct interface with the Home Office share code platform enabling it to facilitate the capture of share codes for non UK/Irish nationals for its customers. The share code workflow includes an imposter check between the candidate and photograph held on the share code platform. Additionally, all customer checks include an identity fraud check against both the Amberhill (UK Police) fraudulent document database and our own fraudulent document database.

Available all year round. TrustID has a target to complete and send the check reports to customers within 1 hour of the candidate completing the check between 8am-midnight, 365 days a year.

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