7 Considerations Before Migrating Your Recruitment CRM

Migrating Recruitment CRM

Key Takeaways:

  1. Do you want your team to feel like tech wizards or fumbling newbies? Choose
    a CRM that’s intuitive and easy to use when filling and making bookings.
  2. Choose an effective CRM that works specially for your temp agency.
  3. Pick a CRM that incorporates a host of useful features like payroll and timesheets, for a truly smooth workflow.
  4. Data security isn’t optional, it’s essential! Opt for a CRM that meets all regulatory requirements and keeps your agency’s information safe.
  5. Find a CRM that fits your budget without becoming an unnecessary burden.
  6. Ready to rocket towards expansion? Invest in a CRM that can grow alongside your agency.
  7. Check user reviews and testimonials to see if other agencies are singing the praises of this CRM provider.

Ever moved house? You know that initial chaos of packing, unpacking, and getting
used to new surroundings. Migrating your recruitment CRM can feel a bit like that.

Itʼs not always a straightforward process when it comes to migrating your
recruitment CRM. For some agencies, it can be a process where it initially takes up
time and resources to learn the new CRM and integrate it properly.

But just like settling into your dream home, the long-term benefits are undeniable.
It will always be worth it when a strategic CRM migration could be the key to
unlocking streamlined workflows, freeing up your team, and putting the focus
back on business development.

1. Streamlined Workflows or Endless Clicks?

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a new recruitment
CRM software is whether itʼs easy for your team to operate this new system, as
theyʼll be the ones using it after all.

The CRM provider needs to supply thorough training and a dedicated support
team so if your team has any queries on how it works, they wonʼt be left puzzled
for too long.

PrimePRO not only gives their customers thorough training (which is all based on
your individual industry specialism and requirements) but also has an easily
reachable support team by direct telephone or email.

There are no lengthy waiting times here, just speedy answers when you need
them. Now, is that not the definition of good customer service?

2. Is it customisable?

Simply put, does it allow you to easily find out all the necessary details required
from your candidates so you can ensure a smooth sailing application and
onboarding process?

A good recruitment CRM will allow you to tailor your onboarding and compliance
checklist process based on what industry you work in. An even better CRM
system may even give you templated options that you can edit as you see fit.

PrimePRO offers both of the features listed above, whilst also offering a free demo
thatʼs tailored toward your industry expertise, so you can be sure to have all your
queries answered by an expert.

3. Can it integrate with other systems?

Making sure that the software can incorporate numerous features in one platform
is important for temp agencies to think about when introducing new software to
the team. Can it show you your diary so you know what youʼve got coming up?
Can it process a large amount of payroll so you can run PAYE in-house?

PrimePRO does exactly that. Our recruitment CRM system has an easily readable
dashboard, allowing you to check updates for follow-ups, bookings, references,
SMS replies, and compliance. You can also manage timesheets and invoicing.

Additionally, PrimePAY, our payroll solution, gives users an end-to-end
experience, adding the option to process large amounts of payroll PAYE in-house.
You can create payslips, create pension files, submit RTI files to HMRC, and
create BACS files to bank quickly and easily, making it easier than ever before to
manage all aspects of your temporary recruitment agency in one place.

4. Data security isnʼt optional, itʼs essential!

Data security is no small matter.

The UK’s data protection landscape is fiercely guarded by a powerful duo: the
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018
(DPA). Together, they wield a hammer of justice against data breaches, with the

potential to levy fines of up to £17.5 million or 4% of your annual global turnover,
whichever is greater.

That’s not pocket change, friends. And for good reason. In today’s digital age,
where our personal information is more valuable than ever, cybersecurity has
become a non-negotiable priority.

Make sure that your chosen recruitment CRM meets all relevant regulations and
industry standards. Robust security measures and a transparent data protection
policy are your anchor in stormy seas.

Not only is PrimePRO safe, allowing for multi-factor authentication logins, but it
also differentiates itself from competitors by using cloud-based modern
technology, unlike many other providers that rely on outdated, early 2000s-era

PrimePRO has invested over £2.5 million so far in building and developing the
software (and investment hasnʼt stopped there), offering customers a powerful,
safe, and extensively tested system.

5. Cost and budget

We would never say cost doesnʼt matter, because it does, even for agencies flush
with success.

Carefully consider the pricing model and options to ensure they fit your budget
without weighing you down. PrimePRO offers flexible per-user monthly
subscriptions, depending on the size of your agency, with no limit on how many
temp candidates you can process. (Something to watch out for – some providers
charge based on the number of temp candidates you process, which can become

But itʼs important to always remember that sometimes a few extra pounds are
worth the time-saving and growth results.

6. Ready to scale and expand?

Choose a system that adapts to your expanding team and data volume without
technical hiccups.

If growing your agency is a key area of focus for you, then itʼs important to
consider that your team needs to have time to invest in business development,
because manual processes will quickly become unsustainable.

Did we mention that PrimePRO streamlines your team’s tasks whilst having the
freedom to add additional users whenever you feel like it? And the user fee
becomes cheaper the bigger team you have? Weʼre here to cater to all temp
agencies, big or small.

According to research, understanding how to optimise the job recruitment process
can shorten the hiring cycle by 60% while improving quality. This shows how end-
to-end recruitment software is well worth the investment for your temp agency.

7. Donʼt forget to check the reviews!

Nothing speaks louder than reviews, so make sure youʼre taking the time to read
through how the existing customer base is responding to the software.

PrimePRO has countless 5-star reviews AND takes user feedback seriously,
constantly incorporating our usersʼ suggestions to refine and improve the

Just read about our latest case study here to see how it’s revolutionising the
workflow of real temporary agencies like yours today.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it!

By keeping these seven essentials in mind, you can navigate the recruitment CRM
migration process with confidence and arrive at a destination of streamlined
recruitment success.

Remember, the perfect CRM is more than just a tool; it’s your reliable partner on
the recruitment journey. Choose wisely, set sail, and watch your agency reach
new horizons!

Ready to experience the modern CRM transformation?

Request a demo of our intuitive CRM and Payroll software that is designed to
streamline your temp agency tasks, and discover how your agency can reach its
full potential.

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7 Considerations Before Migrating Your Recruitment CRM

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