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Support for temporary recruitment software is not just answering a question but it’s delivering a service that goes beyond that. There are several major steps in providing a great service, answering the phone with a human being is a good start! So many call centres today are answered by automated systems that ask you to make menu choices some of which are not relevant to your query making the initial contact experience so much worse and typically leading you up a blind alley where you have to hang up and start over!

Other support services require you to submit your query by email. This is OK as you can quickly fire off a question and a screenshot which can be useful but the problem with this method is that you are unaware anyone has actually read it or is indeed working on it. So, when you really need assistance you need to pick up the phone and get hold of someone who can either answer your query or start the process of finding a solution to the issue raised. That way you are feeling better about the issue and that someone is dealing with it.

Following on from that is ongoing communication ensuring that you are kept up to date with the resolution and you’re not left hanging and stewing especially when the issue is a critical one.

So for supporting temporary staffing software and pay and bill software, especially when temporary payroll requires a deadline to be processed by you need to know that your provider will be able to support you all the way.

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Good Recruitment Software Support

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