How to attract more candidates to fill your jobs?

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For most recruitment agencies whether you deal with temporary or permanent recruitment the difficulty in todays’ market is to find suitable candidates.

Clients are now realising that they must pay more to attract workers as seen with Amazon offering joining bonuses of up to £3,000. Therefore, temporary agencies will start offering more to their workers in order to retain existing workers as well as attracting new workers.
We’ve all seen some agencies offer ‘refer a friend’ introduction bonus and perhaps this will have to extend to the new worker as well so that both benefits. Clearly this is one way to attract more candidates.

Either way it looks like any commodity that’s in high demand and in this case human resources, will push up pay rates and for the agency to maintain its margins charge rates will have to increase also. A conversation always very difficult to have with any client!
PrimePRO a recruitment CRM software can help recruitment agencies administer the payment of bonuses by using the bonus option on the timesheet where it can not only pay the worker a bonus but also charge the client if the bonus was being passed on.

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How to attract more candidates to fill your jobs?

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