Temporary Recruitment Agency Software Glossary

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Finding the best temporary recruitment agency software to streamline the recruitment process and improve your agency’s workflow is important to grow your business and make your consultants more successful. When on the search for the best recruitment software, it’s important to understand a few key terms that recruitment software providers use regularly.

Recruitment CRM Software –

Recruitment CRM software (Client Relationship Management) is a recruitment software tool used by agencies to help manage and maintain various relationships throughout the recruitment process. For instance, it helps build a pool of appropriate, compliant candidates for potential job openings. Secondly, it gives recruitment agencies the ability to manage clients and fill their bookings. Recruitment CRM systems aid in streamlining the recruitment process and monitor the success of the recruitment agency through displaying important KPIs often seen as graphs on a dashboard.


KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. These are quantifiable measurements of objectives within a business. For instance, in recruitment, the number of filled bookings in a period is an example of an KPI. From this, recruitment agencies can create objectives or measure whether they have been successful in that period.

Cloud-based software –

Cloud-based software is an application that is hosted on the Internet and not on a local server.

SaaS –

SaaS stands for software as a service. This is where software is licenced via a subscription and not bought on a one-off payment.

Pay & Bill –

Pay & Bill is a recruitment system that enables recruitment companies to pay their candidates and bill their clients for their services.


End-to-end recruitment software means that they provide software that covers the whole recruitment process, from on-boarding candidates and managing bookings to timesheets and pay & bill.


Giving the ability for someone outside the temporary recruitment agency to access certain elements of their system. For example, in Temporary recruitment software, candidates or clients could be given access to elements of the system through a login.

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Temporary Recruitment Agency Software Glossary

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