The July 2022 Update!

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PrimePRO’s development of our recruitment agency software does not stop in 2022. This July update is bringing a lot of powerful new features to our temp agencies to ensure that we continue to deliver them the best recruitment CRM software on the market.

1) New Feature! – All Email Templates Support Full HTML
2) New Feature! – Client Booking Confirmation
3) New Feature! – Candidate Profile
4) New Feature! – Candidate Mobile Portal
5) New Feature! – Automatically Pay holiday option
6) New Feature! – Book Back enhancement
7) New Feature! – Senders email address in Availability Search

1) New Feature! – All Email Templates Support Full HTML

This allows you now to add your logo to all the automated email templates as well as make use of many more features for your email design.

2) New Feature! – Client Booking Confirmation

To email a confirmation of booking details to a client that you decide may or may not include the following as attachments:
• Terms and conditions that includes booking data (in PDF)
• Candidate profile (in PDF)*
• Attach CV

When you confirm candidate(s) on a booking an email will popup. This email is templated in settings and prepopulated with various chosen placeholders about the assignment including charge rates etc. including all the candidates confirmed for work in the one email. The user has the flexibility to edit the email before sending, add up to 3 additional attachments, select any other of the client contacts to receive the email (in a dropdown list) or free type an email address in the CC box. Or they can simply send the prepopulated email as is straight away. You also have a failsafe to resend the client confirmation.

3) New Feature! – Candidate Profile

This has long been in the making and now it’s arrived! The candidate profile is a PDF generated form that the user can template in the system Settings. The form will be customisable by the agency to add a candidate photo and placeholders from the candidate record, compliance items, skill/qualifications, primary and category questions. Giving the agency the flexibility to build a profile using the candidate details and any user defined fields.

The candidate profile would be available to generate/download directly from the candidate record as well.

4) New Feature! – Candidate Mobile Portal has been enhanced to include:

• Booking details.
• Availability/Unavailability logging
• View timesheets, hours worked and see how much they are paid

Candidates can login and see where they are working, download the important booking information, see their availability calendar, add periods of availability and unavailability.

In the booking detail view, they can view and download additional booking information. This can be booking specific policies, etc.

5) New Enhancement– Holiday pay as you go setting. We’ve added the option for the candidate to be paid holiday as they go for each week they work. This option is on a candidate-by-candidate basis.

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The July 2022 Update!

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