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We need to protect our business. Recruiters tend to keep business in their heads and for owners of a recruitment agency it is essential that you protect your business in case the recruiter is not able to conduct their job through a sudden event or them leaving and walking out the door with a large chunk of your business!

How can technology help protect you from this?
It wouldn’t take much for you to pick up where they left off if your recruiters were logging calls and inputting their bookings into recruitment CRM software.
The trouble with most recruitment software on offer is that they don’t work particularly well in the fast-paced environment of a temporary recruitment agency and so they are not utilised as originally intended. Resulting in the recruiters still keeping your unprotected business in their heads.

I’ve come across recruitment agencies that claim to have all the systems in place where bookings are being logged. However, in most cases on closer inspection their recruiters are inputting bookings after the event purely for payroll and billing production. Leaving them exposed to not knowing about any immediate temp bookings that is nowhere but in the heads of the recruiters.

How can you solve this?
Invest in recruitment CRM software that is fast enough to register bookings in real time – PrimePRO has been designed especially to speed up the booking process with the use of booking templates and powerful re-book features that allows you to log and change bookings in an agile way. The more nimble the recruitment software can be the more your recruiters will use it and by doing so giving you the much needed protection for your business.

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Lock The Door To Your Business!

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