Data Migration – moving from one recruitment CRM Software to another

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Data migration for recruitment agencies is probably one of the trickiest things to negotiate when moving from one recruitment CRM software to another. The issue of how any existing attached documents and images get moved as well as data mapping fields as accurately as possible. Especially when the software can vary in terms of differing functionality.

There has to be an acceptance of manual intervention, unfortunately it’s not like one minute you are using recruitment software A and next minute software B, there’s always a transition period.

Most of our clients have done this manually to save on development cost and in the scheme of things this has worked out quite well for them since it allowed them to have a clear out and only input data that they will use.

If for example your team of recruiters inputs a quota of 20 records a day and there’s say 5 of you, in 10 days you have inputted 1,000 records. Depending of course on the size of your data/business but it can be doable this way and not so daunting when you break it down into bite sized chunks.

However, for some there can be no option but to migrate their data and in those circumstances, we would need to see a sample .CSV file of the data in question before we can give any idea of an estimate.

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Data Migration – moving from one recruitment CRM Software to another

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