The Impact of Recruitment Software on Temporary Staffing

The Impact of Recruitment Software on Temporary Staffing

Key takeaways:

  1. Automation is your hero.
  2. Reduce cost-per-hire: High-tech saves you time and resources.
  3. Improved candidate experience: One simple place for all the required candidate information you need, say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty.
  4. Improved candidate management: No more lengthy, unnecessary conversations and manual checks, just answers when and where you need them.
  5. Better communication: Mass communication saves the day.
  6. Customisable workflows: Never feel overwhelmed or swamped again.
  7. Never miss a booking again: A colour-coded planner with everything you need makes the difference!
  8. Get that competitive edge & attract more clients: A client doesn’t just want to know whether you’ll get the job done, they want to know how. Is your hiring process effective?

Let’s dive in and explore some of the important impact points that recruitment software has on temporary recruitment agencies.

Why do agencies invest in temp agency software?

One of the most important impacts that recruitment CRM software has on your business and the reason why temp agencies choose to invest, is because of its effect on streamlining processes and improving efficiency for your team.

Automation truly is the hero in this situation. Are you dreading having to send an infinite amount of texts to candidates to check up on them or find yourself contemplating the pile of invoices you have to anually send? Don’t worry about it!

Automation truly is the hero in this situation. Are you dreading having to send an infinite amount of texts to candidates to check up on them or find yourself contemplating the pile of invoices you have to manually send? Don’t worry about it!

Recruitment software takes away all those time-consuming tasks, so you can sit there worry-free while the tech does the work for you. More than 86% of recruiters agree that applicant tracking systems reduce the time-to-hire.

PrimePRO makes sure to free up your team’s time with features like automated communications, compliances, timesheets, pay & charge rates, payroll processes, and reporting, so you can look forward to your team being free to work on your business more.

Reduced cost-per-hire

With high-tech software helping you save on investing in further resources such as staff, your cost-per-hire is reduced. If you imagine the amount of the admin each consultant has to do, the an effective system will hugely reduce this, meaning each consultant can manage larger volumes of candidates thus reducing cost-per hire and time it takes to recruit.

Likewise, with all that time your team now has free, it means they can spend more time on growing your business. There’s no need to put extra budget aside for your infrastructure, as the software will do the leg-work for you.

PrimePRO is available on a per-user monthly subscription basis, where you can process as many temp candidates as you like, making it easier than ever before to save time on those manual tasks

Improved candidate experience

As a candidate, it can be a confusing and lengthy process when applying for a temporary job, and often, they just want to get started on the job straight away.

It’s therefore no surprise that having an easy onboarding process for candidates to follow will improve clarity and their overall experience with your recruitment agency.

A dedicated portal on your website for candidates to login and register their details will not only save you hassle, but allow the candidate to complete their todo’s in their own time. PrimePRO provides agencies with this option, reducing the need for manual candidate invitations.

Improved candidate management

Improved candidate experience goes hand in hand with improved candidate management. Imagine a world where lengthy, unnecessary phone calls and confusion don’t exist.

The candidate just knows what they need to do, when, and where. The recruitercandidate relationship is strengthened, and you’re not feeling like it’s your sole job to chase candidates. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

With automation, processes that would normally take up time and resources such as onboarding and compliance checklists can be done in minutes. PrimePRO is editable based on your agency’s industry specialisms, so the candidate can get what they need at a fast rate, putting the power back into your own hands.

Better communication

Better communication means building trust, creating transparency, and strengthening relationships.

But how do you get there? With mass communication features!

PrimePRO offers temp recruiters the ability to communicate via text and email with candidates, with additional automated features like being able to complete the booking with a simple ‘Y’ or ‘N’ answer, saving you tons of time.

Customisable workflows

With customisable workflows, you can edit features to fit your industry’s specialism and the various roles you are hiring for. This means you can pick and choose what works for you then and there with no fuss.

PrimePRO’s cloud-based technology not only allows you to make edits to mass communication messages and application form, but it also gives you editable templates so you’ll never feel overwhelmed or unsure again

Never miss a booking again

Have you ever been in a situation where a client has expressed interest in getting a booking over the line, and you might have been too busy or forgotten to prep the temp candidate so they’re ready to start?

As temp recruitment agencies are known to be busy and involve admin-heavy tasks, we understand the struggle of juggling all the different to-do’s that are sat on your desk.

That’s why PrimePRO created a central dashboard to keep track of your bookings and essential metrics that enable tracking of follow-up phone calls, compliance, and other critical KPIs. The colour-coded weekly planner also allows you to manage your upcoming bookings, with red, amber, and green traffic-light summaries enabling an easy visual reminder of what is still outstanding, what’s finalised, and what’s in process. You’ll never feel out of control again.

Get that competitive edge & attract more clients

Recent studies indicate that an applicant tracking system can reduce the average hiring cycle by as much as 60%. This means that speedier work from your temporary agency = an impressed client. An impressed client means more work for you, giving you a competitive edge and the opportunity to scale your agency.


With 94% of recruiters agreeing that their ATS has had a positive impact on their organisation’s hiring processes, using an efficient, modern, and accessible recruitment software is a no-brainer.

Ready to experience the modern CRM transformation?

Request a demo of our intuitive CRM and Payroll software that is designed to streamline your temp agency tasks, and discover how your agency can reach its full potential.

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The Impact of Recruitment Software on Temporary Staffing

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