Time to update your recruitment software?

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Does your recruitment software suffer from performance issues and login issues? If your recruitment software is delivered over a remote desktop connection it is more than likely to be old Windows tech probably over 10 years old which requires a server to run.

Your recruitment CRM is more complicated to use, runs slowly and has far too many buttons and features that you would ever use. Like Word or Excel, who on earth uses the VB editor feature in Excel? When all you want to do is perform a simple task quickly and easily in a less cluttered more modern environment.

The new breed of recruitment software should ideally be .NET browser-based operating in the cloud. Giving you instant login access from anywhere on any device and should perform much faster over the internet in its native environment without the need of a remote desktop. New recruitment software should be much simpler to use without so many buttons on the toolbar and give you the essential features to perform your tasks more quickly. New recruitment software should be easier on eye, less cluttered and clean to look at especially for your consultants who spend many hours every day staring at a screen.

PrimePRO is one such product to come to the market, .NET browser based, modern recruitment CRM and recruitment payroll software, simple to use, fast and very effective, safe and very secure on Amazon Web Services.

So, when you decide to take a look at upgrading your current recruitment CRM or recruitment payroll software you can look forward to a faster performing software that is much simpler to use!

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Time to update your recruitment software?

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