Using online timesheets – is a game changer?

Using online timesheets - is a game changer? Image

How can online timesheets truly deliver the automation it promises? Well that depends very much on multiple factors. Whether you can get client buy-in and if it actually works!

Firstly, convincing your clients to switch from paper time capture and signing should be easy if you can demonstrate a very simple process of edit and approval. Where they can login via a browser and adjust the start and finish times if necessary and tick to approve them. This will be far more convenient for them than signing, scanning and emailing and will save them time and hassle. Plus, they have an online record of every timesheet they have approved!

Next, your recruitment software needs to deliver in several main areas.

Your client rates vary from client to client, some will pay overtime after so many hours per day or per week, some pay changes after certain times of the day or night or weekend or a combination. Therefore, your recruitment CRM needs to know what rate to apply when, unfortunately not many recruitment software solutions out there truly offers this. Leaving you with having to manually breakdown what hours go to what rate for each timesheet. Failing to deliver the automation you hoped for at the first hurdle.

By pre-loading the hours on the electronic timesheet from the booking will mean that only adjustments need to be done rather than inputting from scratch will save temp agency time and giving your client a simple time capture mechanism for each day makes it easy for them.
Once approved your timesheets should feed directly into your payroll and billing system from your recruitment software.

Therefore, full automation can be achieved in your temporary agency if your recruitment CRM creates the timesheet from the booking pre-loaded with the hours/times for each day, where your client to simply adjust the times and approve via a web login, with the rates automatically triggered according to the client rate card setup. Finally, seamlessly integrating to your payroll and invoicing software without the need to re-key. Saving many hours of admin time each week, whilst raising the bar with your competitors by offering simpler and a better way to do business and being far more accurate, by dramatically reducing errors on payroll and invoices. A win win all round!

Online timesheets will be a game changer for your agency with the right software provider who can deliver the essential functionality and integration for this to truly work.

A game changer? Yes, very much so!

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Using online timesheets – is a game changer?

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